Beijing Sunheart Simulation Technology Co., Ltd. As the professional and largest auto driving training simulator manufacturer in China, already in this industry 13 years. Now Sunheart Simulation is extending and simulation system solution plan to oversea market. The driving simulator with customisation training software prompt the driving learner master safe driving skill in safe situation and efficient compared with normal real auto driving. The software custommade following target market traffic rule, street, road (such as country road, opposite road, high speed road, mixed road, mountain road, city road, night road) , building, weather(sunny , foggy, rainy, ice, snowing, sunny and cloudy),guideboard with community vehicles,pedestrian and so on. So it can be widly used for different driving situation. Training with Sunheart Simulator you can experience varsour dangers simuation but never in danger. The most importance that you can master the skill to avoid different dangers. Now the road safe driving and c