UNAV is a Veteran owned small business founded by David Perry in 1993. Our first autopilot flew in 1994 using a COTS VG. In 1995 UNAV introduced a line of low cost flight-control modules for hobbists, the PDC series. In 1998 UNAV was awarded a contract to provide autopilots for the Northrop SUTACS program. That project included six airframes, each weighing 120 lbs, powered by a 18hp engine and controlled by a UNAV 3300 autopilot. The SUTACS program achieved a successful conclusion with a demonstration at the Naval Test Range atChina Lake in 1999. In 2002, the Picopilot series was introduced and replaced the PDC modules. Together they dominated the UAV hobby market for twelve years. UNAV’s first single board autopilot with an onboard IMU first flew in 2005, the model 3500. In 2008, Team Telemaster took 1st place in the Australian Outback UAV contest with a 3500 autopilot. In 2010, Latitude38 took 3rd place in the Australian Outback UAV contest with a 3500 autopilot. For the past 20 years, UNAV has been involved in UAV projects, large and small and has delivered hundreds of autopilots to customers in more than a dozen countries.Today, the model 3501 is our professional grade UAV autopilot. The model 3521 was specifically designed for sUAS ( 1 Kg airframes ). Both autopilots use the latest generation LGA sensors and the circuit boards are manufactured to ISO9001 standards. No coding, compiling or flashing is required by the user. All hardware is fully assembled and tested, no soldering required.