Tonbo Imaging designs, builds and deploys advanced imaging and sensor systems to sense, understand and control complex environments. Tonbo Imaging offers a suite of solutions that address critical market needs in military reconnaissance, infrastructure security and transportation safety. The company’s offerings consist of sophisticated imaging products and intellectual property cores that can be licensed by OEMs and systems integrators.\r\n\r\nThe ability to see better and farther with the right contextual perspective for complete situational awareness is invaluable. Be it a soldier on the battlefield, an unmanned drone doing a reconnaissance mission in bad weather, a security guard looking through darkness and mist or a automotive driver navigating fog, all need the ability to sense the environment better, understand it in real-time and take control.\r\n\r\nTonbo Imaging leverages innovative designs in micro-optics, lower power electronics and real-time vision processing to design imaging systems for real world applications. Traditional systems across different imaging spectrums have relied on a single aperture principle with the burden of image formation placed excessively on the optics. Tonbo’s technology balances front end analog processing with sophisticated digital image processing to support the realization of light weight, low power imaging platforms across visible, mid wave IR and long wave IR spectrums.\r\n\r\nTONBO is uniquely positioned in emerging markets. Tonbo offers state of the art electro optics technology without ITAR/Government restrictions. With vertically integrated design expertise in optics, electronics and computer vision and a large portfolio of intellectual property in imaging technologies, Tonbo is able to provide the best combination of technology and products at the best commercially competitive price