Think-A-Move, Ltd. (TAM) develops innovative speech recognition and headset products, designed to provide industry leading performance in high noise environments. TAM’s patented headset contains an in-ear acoustic microphone that captures the user’s voice in the ear canal, providing 33 dB of passive noise reduction. TAM utilizes this technology with its Milicom headsets and its SPEARâ„¢ speech recognition software system. Founded in 2002, TAM is a small business and technology solutions provider to the defense, first responder, enterprise, and OEM markets. TAM’s management team possesses extensive experience in technology, mobile, and audio commercialization capability. It possesses a senior Research & Development team and possesses 12 patents issued or pending. The SPEAR speech recognition software system delivers high levels of speech recognition accuracy in high noise environments. SPEAR provides both speech command recognition as well as transcription of free form speech. TAM’s customers have used SPEAR to control a variety of devices with speech commands, including unmanned air and ground systems, and to complete electronic medical records with speech, among other applications. The Milicom headset division develops and manufactures headsets products to meet the needs of tactical and first responder customers as well as for the enterprise and OEM clients. Milicom’s two headset product lines focus on the smart phone and the military/land mobile radio markets.