The Yield is an Internet of Things (IoT) AgTech (Agricultural Technology) start-up. We have raised millions in investment plus won a $1 million Accelerating Commercialisation grant. We are currently launching our first solution in the Oyster Industry .The world needs to produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed the planet at a time of unprecedented resource constraints and the impact of climate change. Our vision is to help meet this challenge without compromising the planet.We deliver end-to-end intelligent solutions for farmers, food processors and their suppliers – hardware, IoT platform, data analytics and user interfaces in a single integrated solution as a subscription service. Our solutions allow stakeholders throughout the entire food supply chain to harness the power of digital technology to increase yields, reduce risks and reduce environmental impact. The Yield aims to be a global leader in intelligent solutions in the food industry. We will develop our IoT solutions in Australia before scaling aggressively globally. The Yield has a highly focused team that brings together world-leading agriculturists, marine scientists and technologists. We partner with some of the global giants of technology services like Bosch, Intel and Microsoft. Bosch is also an investor in the business.We have a strong commitment to open innovation and collaboration with others. A core value is that we work with the best and share the rewards.Our founder and Managing Director has spent her life time promoting gender equity at work. Our business is committed to creating the right culture, systems and flexibility for both women and men to thrive and reach their full potential.