House of Design is an ABB Robotics Integration company with strengths in pick and place applications utilizing machine vision systems. We are a lean organization formed by engineers for engineers, with a focus on enabling organizations to implement automation with the highest return on investment. When? How long has House of Design integrated robotic systems? The owners of House of Design kicked off a relationship rooted in Robotics Integration in 2008, designing and constructing an overhead gantry robotic assembly machine for the Weyerhaeuser Company. Ben Blaine and Ryan Okelberry were Mechanical Engineers for the Weyerhaeuser Company, designing and integrating custom equipment for Engineered Lumber plants, and Shane Dittrich was the Lead Robotics Engineer for JLS Automation, the integration company for the project. In 2011, the team joined forces at Transform Solar as the Automation Development Team, creating a game changing robotic pick and place system for the unique SLIVER Solar Cell Technology, and forming the team structure for House of Design, starting on July 1, 2012. Since 2012, House of Design has provided engineering consulting services, robotic system and machine vision integration for industries such as Aerospace, Precision Machined Components, Medical Device, Food Products, Electronics, and contract manufacturing organizations. Each of the House of Design owners brings over 14 years of Design and Integration experience. How does House of Design develop and integrate robotic systems?