The need to create security systems and equipment that facilitate police and military interventions and that avoid unnecessary risks facing security forces and organizations is becoming increasingly more evident. These organizations occasionally have to carry out quick, complicated interventions in which the environment and situation put the physical safety of its components in interdiction. That’s why at TECHNOROBOT, we believe that it’s necessary to facilitate the work that these units carry out and minimize, if not eliminate, the risks to which they are exposed. We intend to put the latest robot technologies that have been researched and developed by our engineers at the reach of these security forces. The main objective of using robots is to be able to delegate the most dangerous tasks to a machine, and thus maintain a sufficiently reasonable safe distance so that high-risk situations can be managed and resolved with the least personal cost possible.TECHNOROBOT was born with the will to research, design and commercialize robotic products and technologies mainly geared towards the sectors of security and defense, since they are susceptible to a having a great number of personnel implicated in maximum danger situations.