Storact Group is a group of companies in the Southeast of Europe. The head quarters are situated in Thessaloniki , Greece . Storact Group is occupied with the design, trade and construction of storage systems. The founder, Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis, started his career, in 1976, as a salesman in Thessaloniki , and continuing with incessant consequence. He developed the most important network in distribution and construction of storage systems in the area of the Balkans to these days. He is the exclusive distributor of Mecalux products – Mecalux is one of the most important companies of storage systems worldwide – and of ZAF products – which is situated in Italy -, as he intends to serve the needs of shops. The distinctive points in comparison with other companies are: • The long lasting experience, the observation of the world-wide developments and the attendance of the most strict rules (FEM) •The substantial know how which leads directly to the formulation of the most economotechinal suggestions (projects).