ALTI – Advanced VTOL Unmanned Aerial Systems – ALTI Transition, The ALTI Transition is a next generation VTOL unmanned aerial aircraft, developed as an advanced, efficient and affordable fixed wing system with the ability to take-off and land vertically, anywhere. ALTI officially launched the Transition system across the world last year in conjunction with Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine which featured the ALTI Transition as their June/July cover story and ten page dossier article. Since then the Transition has been well proven with confirmed flight performance and endurance of up to 7 hours and 500km range per flight, which has been independently witnessed and verified by several news media sources and clients, including sUAS News a leading unmanned aviation news and information publication. aviation, aerial, uav, drone, drones, alti, uas, uav, vtol, unmanned, system, technology, autopilot, imu