Welcome to the official ITMO University LinkedIn account!ITMO University is one Russia’s leading higher education and research institutions, specializing in Information Technology, Optical Design and Engineering. Founded in 1900, today it’s home to over 13,000 and over 4000 employees. Today ITMO University is an attractive employer for highly qualified specialists from all over the world.Why?First reason: ITMO University is responsible employer. We provide favorable working conditions in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe as well as support and encouragement for its employees.Second: comprehensive research ecosystem. ITMO University can provide you with the combination of a good working atmosphere and powerful tools you need to conduct cutting-edge research.Next one: career growth. ITMO University stimulates its’​ employees to produce outstanding results and pursue their personal career goals.Of course, team is our most valued asset. ITMO University is proud of a top-class science and R&D team making us one of the top tertiary schools in Russia.Moreover, international nature! ITMO University partners with institutions in over 50 different countries, fostering connections and collaboration worldwide.And tolerant Environment. ITMO University encourages diversity and forbids any discrimination towards our employees, be it on the grounds of gender or social, ethnic or religious affiliation.Our philosophy and motto – IT’s MOre than a UNIVERSITY! More ITMO University in social media:- facebook.com/spbifmo – English version- facebook.com/spbifmoru – Russian version- vk.com/spbifmo – official VK page (Russian)- instagram.com/spbifmo – official Insta-account- twitter.com/spbifmo_en – English twitter-account- twitter.com/spbifmo – Russian twitter-account- youtube.com/user/spbifmo – official Youtube-channel Get in touch: [email protected]