SpineView, Inc. is passionately committed to the development and commercialization of novel, minimally invasive technologies aimed at improving spinal decompression and fusion procedures with a host of spine-related surgical and interventional products. The Flex MIS Surgical Discectomy System for lumbar interbody fusion enable maximum effectiveness and efficiency with MIS access. The Surgical Discectomy System allows for simultaneous cuts and removal of disc material including endplate cartilage. Flex features an articulating tip that goes in straight and easily articulates to 30° (or any angle in between) with the simple turn of a knob – even when active. The enSpire Interventional Discectomy System is a novel tool designed to cut, grind and aspirate disc tissue for lumbar discectomy procedures. With this needle-based procedure the physician may achieve results potentially similar to those achieved with surgical discectomy in contained herniated discs, yet with the minimal tissue disruption and scarring of a needle-based procedure. The SpineView™ MIS Decompression System is designed to provide a wealth of benefits for spinal surgeons including a true “outside-in” approach allows for a clear viewing space. With such features as precise bone cutting under direct visualization and an intuitive operating system, procedure times are shortened and patients recover faster, all with reduced capital expenditures. Contact SpineView, Inc. to find out more today! Terms of Use, Spine View, Inc.