Speck defines its business domain as receiving, distributing, analyzing, interpreting, and using spatial information to provide situational awareness and decision support solutions, integrating a wide range of spatial information sources and sensors. The sources of spatial data and information include data and imagery from satellites, aerial & unmanned vehicles and ground based sensors.\r\n\r\nOver the last two decades, Speck has acquired competencies in the field of electronics, optics, systems integration, communications, remote sensing, image processing, and geospatial information services. Based on these competencies, Speck has continuously innovated and today offers solutions to the armed forces, paramilitary forces and civilian users, which broadly fall under: \r\n\r\nOptoelectronic systems \r\nCommunication Systems \r\nSoftware applications and Solutions \r\nMulti-Mission UAVs \r\nIntegrated Mobile Shelters \r\nGeospatial Services and Solutions