SmartPlanes of Sweden manufactures small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) equipped with high-resolution cameras or other sensors that form an easy-to-use and efficient tool for aerial surveying and mapping.\r\nOur robotic aircraft flies automatically over a pre-defined area of interest and takes photos on a regular grid. The resulting high-resolution photos are processed to produce orthophotos and surface models (DSMs) with very high accuracy; typically a vertical accuracy of 5cm or better can be achieved.\r\nUsers can be quickly trained to operate the system and no previous experience is necessary with either aircraft or aerial surveying.\r\nWith our system:\r\n•\tAerial surveying and mapping tasks can be done more effectively and economically than with conventional manned aircraft or ground surveys\r\n•\tThe lightweight plane can safely fly over hazardous or inaccessible areas\r\n•\tApplications for aerial surveys where conventional methods would be impractical, too dangerous or expensive are now possible\r\n•\tVery precise volume calculations can be performed in a few hours\r\nWe are pleased to offer our Smartplane Aerial Survey System as a turnkey solution for geospatial data providers and end users. The system has proven its functionality after several years in the field and today our systems are operated on all continents by different users.\r\nSmartplane Aerial Surveying System is a complete package of custom hardware and software that makes it possible for operators to do aerial survey and mapping on-demand. The Smartplane Aerial Surveying System is very flexible, capable of producing geo-referenced quick-look mosaics directly on-site, and computing both surface models and true orthophotos, which are available within a couple of hours after landing the aircraft.\r\nWith the Smartplane Aerial Surveying System, a single person can safely and easily complete surveying and mapping tasks that would otherwise require advanced planning and special expertise using conventional methods.