SiTI (Higher Institute on Territorial SystemsI for Innovation ) is a non-profit association, set up by the Turin Polytechnic and the Compagnia di San Paolo in order to produce research and training orientated towards innovation and socio-economic growth. The Institute is located within the Turin Polytechnic’s campus, at the former Tornerie. It covers a surface of 4000 square metres with laboratories and offices, and it avails itself of the cooperation of professors and researchers of a number of University Departments. \r\nThanks to a wide network of relationships, both in Italy and abroad, SiTI can propose highly strategic and innovative projects supporting economic development, environmental safeguarding, sustainability and quality of life. Governed by an eight-member board (assisted by a Scientific Committee of fifteen experts from all over Europe), over the 2002-2004 period SiTI promoted 30 national and European projects for a total amount of 5 million euros and planned interventions for 8 million euros in 2005. \r\nIts research activity can be divided into six main theme areas: city and territory, environment and landscape, innovation and development, architecture and heritage, infrastructures and transport, integrated security systems.