Sirehna is a subsdiary of DCNS Group (French naval shipyard). Sirehna operates in different fields of expertise such as hydrodynamics and control of mobile maritime units.Those skills are directly applied to maritime embedded systems such as Dynamic Positioning Systems, Unmanned surface Vehicles or critical tailored systems such as the French aircraft carrier flight deck tranquilisation system.Those embedded systems include software components which perform many functions such as real-time computation of navigation data, multi-degree of freedom control algorithms, actuators orders and supervision of the system by human operators.These systems embedded on offshore vessels, cruise vessels, mega-yachts, military ships, operating near oil platforms are safety critical and their complexity requires a rigorous development, verification and validation process.New products & servicesProduct: DP – Dynamic Positioning systemProduct: USV – Unmanned Surface VehiculeService: Worldwide service for maintenance, DP training center