Sightech Vision Systems, Inc. makes self-learning machine vision systems that assist manufacturers in inspecting their products for visual defects. Manufacturers purchase Sightech products to improve their quality control. Here’s some examples of where Sightech’s machine vision systems can be used to inspect various processes, including: Inspect for the quality of produce as well as the presence of foreign materials Insure that surgical tools are properly placed in kits Inspect for breaks or voids in epoxy seals in biomedical products Verify that a crimp (or notch) has been put on a metal nut Inspect pipette tips for the pharmaceutical industry Inspect for misplaced HD (hard disk) platters in the mfg cassettes for the HD industry Sightech’s revolutionary products have changed the way people think of the machine vision market, no longer does it have to be an expensive and time consuming process. Sightech is now the fastest growing machine vision company in the world and the leader of self-learning systems. Sightech’s devices are special because they are self-learning; in other words, there is no programming required! A manufacturer simply has to show our devices good parts, thereby teaching it what is acceptable. After a couple of minutes (or seconds) of training, our devices will then be able to detect if a part is good or not. In short, Sightech’s products are embodied with artificial intelligence called Neuro-RAM tm;. Sightech’s devices will learn whatever you show it. Size does not matter: Sightech’s devices can learn atoms or galaxies; they’ve learned fruit and even human faces. Ultimately, Sightech believes its technology could be used in robotic navigation, picking fruit from trees, or identifying a face in a crowd. Sightech believes it will deliver the enabling technology for widespread use of robots in the 21st century. We’ve made machine vision available to quality conscious manufacturers, security providers, biomedical research centers, and other machine vision users. Sightech will tailor its products to fit your needs. Sightech is also interested in establishing additional OEM’s and distributors.