Scape was founded in 2004 after many years of research and development at the University of Southern Denmark. The result of this hard research is SCAPE, an acronym for Smart Classifier and Pose Estimator. SCAPE is the core of the Scape Technologies bin-picking product SCAPE Bin-Picker. Shortly after the company was established, a partnership between the leading pump manufacturer Grundfos A/S and Scape Technologies came about to develop and commercialize the SCAPE Bin-Picker. 2009-12 the SCAPE Bin-Picker was further standardized during a project funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. The standardized SCAPE Bin-Picker is now fully implemented and In full production at several customers all over Europe running at industry standard robots such as KUKA, ABB and Kawasaki. Late 2013 Scape Technologies introduced the UR Bin-Picker for the intuitive robots from Universal Robots. Scape Technologies A/S is located in Odense, in the center of Denmark’s thriving robotic research and industrial activity community, and maintains close ties to the University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, RoboCluster and Danish Technological Institute. Scape is also a member of the RoboCluster SupplyNet – a network of robot companies that supply roughly 80% of all robotic systems to the Danish market.