Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), the largest Dutch scientific research centre for rehabilitation technology, is an independent R&D organization linked to the Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede, the Netherlands. RRD is internationally recognized as centre of excellence in the fields of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with the University of Twente, where four of our senior researchers have scientific chairs.Our expertise and projects cover a wide range of topics related to rehabilitation technology and telemedicine. Examples include robotics for treatment and support of the upper extremity, three dimensional ambulant gait analysis, online services to identify and prevent frailty among older adults, and display technology for integrating domotics to support independent living. For a full overview of RRD’s expertise showcased by projects, please consult our website. RRD’s work is mainly funded through the granting network for care-related research, both at national and European levels.The work that is done at RRD is not only confined to research. We are also very active in education and providing courses for professionals. We always aim to transfer academic insights into clinical practice, and are open to provide advice and team up in development and implementation. About 45 employees are striving to realise RRD’s ambition of becoming one of the world’s leading academic centres of excellence in its field.