RTS has been providing automation solutions since 1981 and has been operating in the life science sector since the early 1990’s. Compound collections are often regarded as “the crown jewels” of any pharma / biotech company and our industrial quality automated storage and retrieval systems for sample management and compound management have been supplied to many of the top ten pharmaceutical companies. We have unrivalled knowledge and expertise of both sample and compound management and have supplied the world’s largest and also the world’s fastest automated and fully integrated sample management systems. In the quest to find new drugs, companies are combining small-molecule approaches with protein research, thereby boosting their chances of producing more effective treatments for some of our most challenging diseases. As a result of this approach compound management and sample libraries are growing on both a satellite and central / working store basis. Compound Management groups are under increasing pressure to meet an increase in both compound numbers and the throughput requirements required by their customers. RTS has recognised that times have changed and automated storage and retrieval is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is now a standard requirement of most laboratories. Although the need for large scale automated storage and retrieval systems feeding large downstream high throughput screening systems (HTS) has diminished, the demand for smaller, reliable, industrial quality automated storage and retrieval systems for both dry powder and liquid samples has increased. To meet this changing demand RTS has developed its’ ‘A Range’ of automated sample management solutions to cater for a broader range of sample requirements from small collection sizes up to large, multi-million sample libraries. In addition to compound management systems for pharma and biotechs, and in response to the growth in biobanks and biorepositories, there has been a significant increase in biological sample management and biobanking automation. The collection and storage of millions of samples throughout the world for research and diagnostic purposes has resulted in the proliferation of both biobanks and biorepositories. Biobanking involves the collection, storage, processing and distribution of biological materials and associated data collected for basic science, biomedical and clinical research activities. In addition to automated storage and retrieval systems for biological sample management, RTS provides products to process and isolate chemical components (such as buffy coat, Blood, Saliva, Serum and Plasma) which are produced and stored in many biobanking applications. RTS was the first supplier of an automated DNA store in 2001, and our ´A Range´ of automated sample management solutions is ideally suited to many biobanking applications from small to multi-million sample capacity stores operating from ambient to -20ºC. Our automated blood fractionation and automated sample processors are also deployed in biobanking applications at some of the world’s leading biobanks. The RTS ‘A Range’ of automated storage and retrieval systems for pharma, biotech, biobank or academic institutes comprises a comprehensive range of automated stores to fit multiple application and library sizes one step up from manual storage, to multi-million library collections. The ´A Range´ offers a solution for you! Details of our Automated Blood Fractionation and Sample Processors can be found here.