We pride ourselves in being CNC guys first and robot integrators second. The success we’ve had at making this all work is due to our machining, engineering, and CAD/CAM experience. We build Robotic Milling Systems better than anyone else in the industry. Our customers are running good parts on our systems the same week that the systems are installed. Robotic Solutions, Inc. (RSI) has combined State of the art Robotic Milling Systems with high end CAD/CAM software and our machining expertise, to create the ultimate solution for fast, flexible, and cost effective multi-axis machining. Our parent company, Programming Plus, Inc. (PPI), is a CAD/CAM reseller and software development company. They have been selling world leading Delcam and Surfware products for many years. PPI also wrote a software system called Code-Breaker that can convert code from any CAD/CAM system into the code needed to machine with our robots. We use KUKA robots primarily. KUKA, being one of the largest manufacturers of robotic arms in the world, offers the best robotic motion control system on the market. By combining the CAD/CAM products we offer, our machining and CAD/CAM experience, and KUKA robots; we’ve created a large format CNC machining system that is not only amazing in its functionality and ease-of-use, it’s expandable as well.