RJ Hanlon Company, Inc. was founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1979 as a “solution providing company. RJ Hanlon specializes in providing solutions to the challenges faced by global corporations in the automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, nautical, plastics, chemical, furniture, electronics, food processing, baking, textile, appliance, abatement, safety industries and more. RJ Hanlon products are approved and recognized as award winning clean-room innovations used by all major automotive manufacturers world-wide. RJ Hanlon is the innovator of “Clean-Room Robot Covers. The first automation covers were implemented in 1980 at the GM Baltimore Assembly Plant. Since 1980, RJ Hanlon has developed over 80 materials and 16,000 designs for paint robotics and applicators. RJ Hanlon robot cover solutions have been awarded by all major automotive and Tier 1 suppliers for increased first pass quality, reduced cost, and reduced waste. RJ Hanlon Company, Inc. is a manufacture direct supplier with a large sales engineering staff. We have three buildings in central Indiana including sales, warehouse/shipping, manufacturing, and quality validation. Further, we have representation located in Ontario Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Arizona, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, California, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our diverse line of protective covers are designed to meet any expectation for robots (paint, welding, glue, water-jet, operation, palletizing), paint systems (pumps, purge, motors, hoses, guns / bells, reciprocators, controllers, etc.) industrial tooling, vehicles, racking, painted parts, packaging and personnel. RJ Hanlon sales-engineers work in a collaborative effort with our customers by providing on-site consultation, design, training and support. RJ Hanlon also provides a “just-in-time” program to reduce our customers inventory and extended expense. RJ Hanlon Company, Inc. has successfully demonstrated a quality management system that has been designed, created, implemented and maintained in an effective manner, achieving compliance to ISO-9001. “Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers expectations to reduce their costs and increase productivity by providing innovative products and designs in a timely manner.”