Reliabotics is the newly formed commercial automation group of DHPC Technologies, an established and respected DOD engineering services contractor. With the resources of over 100 engineers in five locations and technical specialties ranging from machine vision optics and lighting, mechatronics, electronics, CAD, system builds, program management, software, new product design and development, tooling, custom robotics and automation, special machines, industrial automation installation service and support. We are your complete solution. Unlike other firms who sell such services, we take our talents to a whole new level and solve problems. Problems that are causing you waste, defects and money.\r\nThe engineering and technical challenges of designing, making or achieving outcomes in the world of manufacturing automation are challenging enough, add to that trying to do something that has never been done before, and you need a really good team on your side with diverse expertise and real world experience. That’s where Reliabotics can help!