The Ralph W. Earl Company was founded by Mr. Ralph W. Earl in 1954 as a Fluid Power Distributor serving Central New York with a few product lines. As the company and the fluid power industry grew, RWE added additional product lines and expanded our coverage area to all of Upstate New York. In the early 1980’s, Graham Wood became President of the company, and assembly and fabrication became important core competencies. This allowed us to start providing complete pneumatic and hydraulic systems and subassemblies. Several hydraulic and pneumatic product lines were added the 80’s and 90’s, but our core suppliers haven’t changed much since the early days of the company. With developments in motion control technology came the need to expand into electronic motion control, which we’ve done with some new product lines as well as new product offerings from our core suppliers. Our expertise now also includes the manufacturing process (process control and fluid cleanliness), along with structural components (machine guarding, etc.). Pneumatics and hydraulics remain at the core of our business, but we can now support everything from the PLC to the end effector.