The Construction Zone is Questech’s product line of construction trainers that provide a hands-on experience in a variety of skilled trades. Do you accept purchase orders? We accept purchase orders from schools, school districts, other educational institutions, and correctional facilities. Do you accept credit cards? We accept Visa and MasterCard. How much do the Construction Zone trainers cost? Give us a call at (800) 229-0018 or fill out a catalog request to get complete pricing. How do I buy Construction Zone trainers? Feel free to give us a call at (800) 229-0018 or send an email. The first step is to determine which trainers and how many trainers you want. We’ll be happy to help you in the selection and help you work out a floor plan to maximize your space. Our prices include a curriculum package, workstation, tools, equipment, and consumable supplies for 30 rotations – everything you need to start teaching. The only additional cost is shipping. Provide us with your zip code and we will get a shipping quotation. We will provide a quotation within 24 hours. We can also provide a sole source letter if you need it. How long has the Construction Zone been around? Questech, Inc. has been manufacturing CZ trainers for over 20 years. Does anyone else make Construction Zone trainers? Questech, Inc. is the sole manufacturer. All trainers are developed and produced in our factory in Farmington Hills, Michigan, including our copyrighted curriculum. Where are Construction Zone trainers being used? Our trainers are being used all over the United States and in other countries by high schools, career centers, technical training schools, community colleges, universities, adult training centers, and correctional facilities. Who can teach the Construction Zone? Construction Zone trainers are designed to be self-directed, and easy to teach. The instruction manuals contain step-by-step instructions for the hands-on activity, with full color photos and illustrations. Your instructor does not need to have a construction background to facilitate a Construction Zone lab. How many trainers are in the Construction Zone product line? There are over 30 different trainers covering more than 25 different trades. Do I have to buy all the trainers? We have some customers who just buy a single trainer, many who buy 6 – 8 of our most popular trainers, and many who buy a lab consisting of 12 – 20 trainers of their choice. What are your most popular trainers? Our most popular trainers are Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Carpenter, Construction Measurement, Electrician, Plumber, Residential Plumbing, and Residential Wiring. What’s the difference between Electrician and Residential Wiring, and the difference between Plumber and Residential Plumbing? Electrician and Plumber are stand-up style workstations, which are made to resemble a home in rough construction. Residential Plumbing and Residential Wiring are desk-style workstations, and students are making connections usually associated with finish work. Can any of your trainers be used at the middle school level? Our four residential trainers are great for the middle school level, including Building from Blueprints, Construction Measurement, Residential Plumbing, and Residential Wiring. How does a lab work? Students rotate through the trainers, spending around ten hours on each one. Each trainer accommodates one or two students at a time, and each trainer can be used for three successive classes or groups of students without reset of any part of the trainer. How many trainers do I need? For a lab, we recommend a minimum of one trainer per two students. They can work as a team on each trainer. What does a trainer include? Each trainer includes a curriculum package, workstation, tools, equipment, and consumable supplies for 30 rotations. It has everything you need to start teaching. Do you teach safety? Safety is emphasized in every trainer, and safety aids such as safety glasses, gloves, aprons, and dust masks are supplied when appropriate. What is included in the curriculum package? The curriculum package includes an instruction manual, student workbook, work orders, answer sheets, and an instructor’s guide. What kind of information is in the instruction manual? Each trainer introduces the student to a trade. The manual gives the student an idea of what it would be like to actually work in that trade, including information on job conditions, necessary education or training, and income potential. It then leads the student through a hands-on activity, providing step-by-step instructions with full color photos and illustrations. What does “equipped for three class periods” mean? Each trainer can be used by successive classes or groups of students. There is either a separate work area for each class, or the trainer can be returned to a ready state for the next class. For Residential Plumbing and Residential Wiring, you can buy additional panels for different classes. Where are the tools stored? Depending upon the type of workstation, tools are stored in a labeled, see-through locking tool box, locking tool drawer, or locking covered desk. What kind of tools do you provide? Each Construction Zone trainer contains the full size professional tools that are used in that trade, made by such manufacturers as DeWalt, Ridgid, Stanley, and Husky. The instructor manual includes tool identification and explains the safe use of the tools. Do I have to buy additional consumable supplies from Questech? You can restock most of your consumable supplies from your local hardware store. Give us a call to discuss how you can get supplies donated from local contractors. What benefits do students get from using Construction Zone trainers? Students can acquire construction skills right in the classroom. They may find an aptitude for a certain trade, leading to an apprenticeship and a career. They will learn real world applications of math and science, and utilize reading and writing skills. In addition, they will gain valuable life skills that they can apply to taking care of a home. How do the Construction Zone trainers prepare students to find jobs? Designed as an exploration, pre-apprenticeship program, the Construction Zone excites students about high-paying career opportunities in the construction industry, and provides them with necessary life skills. Does Questech have any other training products? The Green Collar Zone product line provides a 20 hour, STEM-based, hands-on experience in sustainable/green energy, including Solar Panel Installer, Solar Thermal Technician, Wind Turbine Technician, and Weatherization Technician. The Microbot TeachMover II teaches the basic fundamentals of robotics by simulating an industrial robot. Call us today at Request a FREE 50 Page Catalog!