We dedicate a great deal of attention to the development of our employee competence. Therefore, the PROFTOOLS team constantly enhances its expertise and experience at various seminars and trainings abroad. Thanks to our initiative, our partners – the best specialists of their fields on the international level – hold seminars for other Lithuanian companies during which the participants learn about the cutting-edge technologies of the world. PROFTOOLS is also a technical sponsor of the Lithuanian educational institutions. Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius Technical College and Klaipeda Technical College are regularly provided with the newest data on the most advanced technologies worldwide. The Company is a member of LINPRA, the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania. In 2008, the company was nominated for the Most Advanced Technology Company. The founder of the award is the Lithuanian Association Knowledge Economy Forum. The General Manager of the company is a member of the Board of the national platform Future Manufacturing. “We are proud of what we have achieved throughout so many years as well as of the fact that we create something of value and improve constantly to be able to achieve even more! We are genuinely grateful to our Clients for the shown trust, to our Partners for their support and to our Competitors for their respect…”