Probot is a high-tech robot company located in Oulu, Finland. We provide custom project design and implementation for various platforms in robotics and automation. Our services include software implementation, customisation and improvements for existing systems. The company was founded in 2006 to fulfil the gap between the research world and industry. The vision of the company is to transfer results of research world to the end-users and real world applications. Probot is also active partner in several EU funded project consortiums. The company represents several state-of-the-art robot products from the following manufacturers: Kinova Technology, Barrett Technology, PAL Robotics, F&P PersonalRobotics and as the latest the Shadow Robot Company. Our goal is to offer our customers the latest knowledge for creating efficient automation solutions for their needs. (The picture is made in association with the Creanorth Ltd Oy and the Lahti University of Applied Science, Institute of Design and Fine Arts )