PipeWay International is formed by an alliance between a Brazilian company called PipeWay Engenharia and an American company, to work together in North America.A PipeWay Engenharia is the sole company in the Southern Hemisphere with fully national production, which manufactures and operates tools for oil and gas pipeline inspection-pigs, which check anomalies such as ovalnesses, crushing and corrosions, contributing to avoid leakages that may cause ecological accidents. The final entrance in the market happened in 1998, when the group of researchers from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), by using the technology of Petrobras’ Research and Development Center (Cenpes), launched in the sector a tool for pipe integrity management. PipeWay was created in a 30m2 room, at Gnesis Institute, as an incubated company. Today, PipeWay is rendering services throughout Brazil and almost the whole Americas (Argentine, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), providing also tools to worldwide partners.