PiezoMotor develops, manufactures and brings to market cutting-edge micro motors with extensive patent protection. The motors are built into various types of advanced customer applications and offer, among other things, increased miniaturization and exceptional motion precision down to nanometer level. Not only do we replace traditional technology, but also motorize applications that previously could not be motorized because of traditional technology’s insufficient precision, high complexity and size. For the micro motor market, we are really talking about a technology shift. We take miniaturization, simplicity and precision – qualities that are increasingly demanded in our main markets – to the next level. We have customers in all major geographical markets in the world – leading companies within medical technology, semiconductor industry, advanced optics, defense and space technology. We have reached several business breakthroughs and proved our ability to manufacture our micro motors with high quality and carry out full-scale, commercial deliveries. The demand for smart, cost-effective micro motors with high precision is growing. In 2015, our base revenue grew with 42 % as a result from more customers moving from development to commercial phase. Of course, we believe the future prospects are good for continued strong growth. Our motors are used for mission-critical applications in a variety of areas: They enable nano positioning in advanced electron microscopes and equipment in semiconductor manufacturing. They represent important key components in cancer diagnostics instruments, drive pioneering surgical robots working in real-time inside the MRI equipment and adjust critical equipment in satellites. No doubt our technology has great potential.