The company pi4_robotics GmbH is a leading producer of image processing systems, test machinery and robots, with headquarters in Berlin. pi4 system solutions are presently used above all in the photovoltaic, automotive, plastics, glass, medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the ceramics area. pi4 is the technology leader in photovoltaics with quality testing systems based on electro luminescence technology.pi4_robotics GmbH has also become known in public through the workerbot, first introduced in 2010. The workerbot is the worldwide first humanoid factory worker in use and is offered in the pi4 Webshop, a holder of an engineering degree, Matthias Krinke founded the company pi4_robotics GmbH in 1994. Both headquarters and production are located in Berlin. pi4_robotics GmbH is the only producer of robots in Germany that is 100% German-owned. The company presently employs around 50 employees and 5 robots. The company has been represented since 2003 by a worldwide network of sales and service partners.än#pi4#PVIdent#elinspection#qualityinspection#madeingermany#inspectoid