PartnerX, as the global creator of the partner robot, was founded in 1996 and owns 5 brands: Abilix, YIRO, EVOX, DRAGONGUARD, INNOX, among which, Abilix is the global creator and leader of the educational robot. It has spread its footholds in over 22,000 schools in 31 countries. In 2016, Abilix launched 4 brand new educational robot series. They are brick robot, mobile robot, flying robot and humanoid robot, which target at the retail market and Early Childhood Education market . PartnerX also won many honors like “Most Innovative Companies in China” etc. 未来伙伴成立于1996年,是伙伴机器人产业的全球开创者,目前拥有能力风暴、铱童、进化力、龙卫士和创新核五大品牌。其中,能力风暴是教育机器人全球开创者和领导者,目前已有31个国家的22000多个学校用户,并于2016年发布面向零售和早教市场的积木、移动、飞行及类人四大系列教育机器人新品。公司曾获“中国最具创新力企业”等荣誉称号。