About Oto Melara Oto Melara has been producing naval guns, weapon systems and armored vehicles since 1905. The company has a turnover of 330 million Euros, a portfolio of orders of 1,170 million Euros and 1345 employees. Oto Melara products are operational in 53 countries around the world including the United States and most of Europe as well as Japan and Australia. Finmeccanica in the USFinmeccanica Group companies currently have several leading products being marketed in the US including the US-101 Helicopter, a candidate to replace Marine One (the Presidential Helicopter); the C-27J transport aircraft, which is part of the C-130J family and shares the same avionics, pallets, engines, but can perform a tactical role as an STOL aircraft with better than 3G military performance; advanced multimode radars ideal for the Littoral Combat Ship; non-Lethal highly accurate ammunition to interdict and stop ships carrying weapons of mass destruction; advanced turrets for the Future Combat System; and mobile license plate readers for police cars to identify possible terrorist vehicles and help America effectively implement its Amber Alert system.