OceanWorks International is a dynamic, privately held U.S. company headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary (OceanWorks International Corp.) based in Burnaby, British Columbia. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of manned and unmanned underwater work systems and related equipment for the international marine industry. OceanWorks International’s primary business is in providing a full range of subsea systems development, engineering, manufacturing, and operational and logistics support to military and commercial clients worldwide. Key markets served include: Oil and Gas Military Scientific/Environmental OceanWorks International’s depth of experience in the design, manufacture, testing, certification, and delivery of subsea technology stems from a background of over 30 years in the business of deep submergence and diving technology, operations, and support. We employ highly qualified and experienced professionals who are very familiar with our clients’ needs and the operational aspects of using such equipment. Our products are engineered from both a technical and practical viewpoint, providing our clients with equipment that has been designed with the end user’s requirements in mind throughout the entire product development process. The company has grown, diversified, and expanded its product range to offer a portfolio of products and services that complement one another. Submarine rescue systems and specialized remote intervention tooling are integral parts of our portfolio.