NSK International (Singapore) Pte Ltd and NSK Singapore Pte Ltd are members of the NSK Ltd. Group of companies headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. NSK Singapore Pte Ltd: Since 1975, the company has been supplying bearings, automotive and mechantronic products to industries like machine tools, semiconductors, oil & gas, automotive replacement, electric motors, steel, railways with full technical support. It is a leading player for bearings and mechantronics products primarily focusing on Singapore and Indonesia market. NSK International (S) Pte Ltd: In the early 90’s, major Japanese manufacturers began to relocate some of their production into ASEAN region. NSK Ltd made a decision to establish a fully owned subsidiary, “NSK International (Singapore) Pte Ltd” in November 1995, to serve Japanese and Non-Japanese OEM manufacturers offering full sales and engineering support. Major industries served are disk drives, PC cooling fans, air-con motors, electric motors, home appliances and many more applications that require high quality and precision bearings coupled with specialized technical expertise. Recognizing the importance of emerging markets, NSK International Singapore was soon assigned the responsibility to develop Industrial MRO and Aftermarket business for Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The company is now the regional headquarter for NSK ASEAN & Oceania. Our full range of products and solutions have contributed greatly to the growth of many industries and to the advancement of mechanical technology. Not only OEM’s are benefiting from our experience, our Sales & Engineering team are also helping our customers to develop solutions for smooth, efficient and profitable production processes. NSK, being one of the global leader in bearing manufacturing and its related technologies, aims to provide a total solution for our customers.