Founded in 2008, Neovenz is dedicated to Design Thinking process. We work for R&D centers, public research centers and technological start-up’s. The Design is a real factor for differentiation. Nonetheless, it is few included in the R&D process and is always part of the end of the development process for styling activities. Neovenz offers a new approach for Design and integrates it in the early stage of the innovation projects beside the engineers who leads exclusively technological innovation. With a Design Thinking process, Neovenz leads to its clients throw a well-organized process of innovation based on the skills of the industrial design. It helps them to find new breakthrough innovations and go through the risky transitional state (between research and development). This approach enable them : + to ease the creativity ; + to unite your teams over a common and shared vision ; + to ease the cooperation between R&D and marketing ; + to minimise the commercial risks with an active involvment of the clients / users ; + to avoid the risks of failure of the innovation projects ; + to find new “blue oceans” which bring new meanings for your clients ; + to reduce the time-to-market of your technological innovations. our religion Design Thinking is our religion ! The Design Thinking process is based on several steps : + Uses analysis and sociological trends : we want to understand the context of the users to gather informations that will help us to imagine new solutions. + Strategic marketing analysis : standing back, we want to understand your present position on your market, your strenghts and weaknesses face to your present and future competitors. + Creative sessions : we manage dynamic and very inspiring creative sessions with methods and tools that drive us to draw new visions for company. + Prototyping : As soon as possible, we create prototypes that will help us to test them. We use many different tools : sketches, 3D renderings and interactive prototypes (made with Arduino and fast prototyping tools). + Users tests : We test our solutions on real users to get feedback and to improve our solutions. Cameras and eye-tracking systems help us to understand deeply how users interact with our ideas. Our experience in innovation management has proven that design is the key that allows you to foster the innovation process. Our offer is dynamic, inspiring and open.