OptiTrack creates the highest performing 3D motion capture and tracking hardware and software available today. With it’s industry leading 3D precision, simpler workflows, ultra low latency real time output, on-site manufacturing enabling the industry’s lowest pricing, and free and open developer access, it has become the favorite of industry leaders in VR, drones, game and film production, university education and research, engineering, robotics, industrial measurement, life science, sports performance, injury prevention, and many others. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and world class high-speed tracking cameras. We also perform contract engineering services, build several custom OEM products, and we are the group behind the GEARS golf training and club fitting solution, as well as affiliate B2C gaming and peripheral tracking products TrackIR and SmartNav. www.optitrack.com www.gearssports.com www.trackir.com www.naturalpoint.com/smartnav/