Medrobotics Corporation is a privately funded medical device company headquartered in Raynham, MA that has developed the world’s first flexible robotic surgery platform that is commercially available in the United States and the European Union. The ground-breaking, non-linear access and surgical capabilities afforded by the Flex(r) Robotic System offer the promise to treat more patients minimally invasively.\r\n\r\nThe Flex(r) Robotic System offers surgeons the unique ability to navigate complex anatomy and achieve exceptional surgical exposure with a high definition, flexible robotic scope. Once positioned, surgeons are able to advance compatible flexible instruments, including the Company’s Flex(r) Instruments, through guides along the scope to quickly and easily reach the surgical site. Thus, surgeons can access, visualize, and operate minimally invasively in hard-to-reach confined spaces that would not be accessible with current straight surgical tools, including other robotic systems.