MediMaton is a private UK company formed in 2005 to promote the development of medical robotics. MediMaton arose as a result of work done by its founder, Dr Patrick Finlay, in the 1980s and ’90s as project manager of the Medical Robotics initiative of the International Advanced Robotics Programme. MediMaton offers a consultancy resource to medical robotics companies to encourage new applications of medical robotics. In recent years several European medical robotics companies have been founded with the assistance of MediMaton. The specialisms of these companies embrace surgery, radiology and patient management. These companies use patents and know-how developed by MediMaton’s principal and staff. MediMaton also assists other companies to develop their own independent technology within the field of medical robotics. MediMaton participates in national and international collaborative research programmes, either as a partner in its own right or as a subcontractor or consultant to another partner. Outside the commercial sphere, MediMaton promotes Learned Society and expert network activities by offering prizes and participating in events such as exhibitions aimed at promoting understanding of medical technology. MediMaton is a frequent presenter at medical technology meetings, either to discuss its own involvement in specific areas or to offer more general state of the art presentations.