Medical Simulation Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and founded in 1998, is recognized for its network of institutional-based SimSuite Education Centers. The Centers feature a three-phased learning approach in an environment that simulates a minimally invasive surgical laboratory. The centerpiece is the SimSuite Education System, an interactive solution for professional healthcare education and assessment. The experience includes a presentation of patient history which requires a diagnosis, the performance of an interventional procedure on simulated patient Simantha” and an opportunity for self assessment based on procedure outcome as well as for post-procedure care planning. Developed with aviation principles in mind, the system couples advanced fluoroscopic imaging with superior “haptics” or the science of touch. Based on actual patient scenarios, the SimSuite courseware is authored by medical thought leaders throughout the United States. The Centers give healthcare professionals access to a realistic learning experience that poses no risk to patients. For information, call 303-483-2800 or visit”