Mecsmart Systems Inc. offers a unique mix of quality, innovation, reliability and long-term stability. The combination of customer friendly support, superior products and vast experience will give you the best possible value in the industry while dramatically lowering your cost of ownership. Integrating the demands of complex manufacturing processes requires a focused approach. They are not the individual processes, but the structure, cooperation and the communication abilities of the entire project team including the client that ensures a true return on investment. Sales and Applications- Our customer focused team of account managers and applications engineers are dedicated to providing our clients with detailed cost effective solutions. Advanced Engineering and Development- A strong engineering group specializes in providing support for various processes. Project Management- Project managers act as a single point of contact during the life cycle of the project. Methods Engineering- Responsible for reducing costs, deliver on schedule and improving quality through the development of standard modules that meet our customers specific repeat processes. Mechanical Engineering- Our qualified engineering department is staffed with in house designers who have automation experience with many assembly processes and products. Electrical and Process Controls Engineering- Our electrical and process controls department employs a specialized and unique team that are experienced in most factory floor processes, all PLCs, data acquisition, welding process monitoring, robot and vision systems.