Marine Autonomous Systems Engineering was founded in 2001 to support the Autonomous Systems Laboratory of the University of Hawaii Mechanical Engineering Department. Our staff includes mechanical/electrical engineers to machinists/fabricators which allow us to take development from the idea stage all the way through fabrication in house. We specialize in autonomous underwater vehicles and their associated technologies in order to further technological advancements within the science. We are staffed with mechanical/electrical engineers as well as trained machinists in order to support both hardware and software developments on all our projects. Our research lab is equipped with our own machine shop which includes a full size lathe, Bridgeport with 3 axis table, grinders, sanders, and a portable test tank. Within our offices we also feature an electronics lab for the development, diagnostic, and repair for all of our underwater vehicles. With our research lab located in the heart of the industrial area of Sand Island, we are located minutes away from Snug Harbor which serves as our testing facility for our various projects and research. By having the ability to conduct our own machining, software development, and in-house testing; we are able to see projects through from the engineering process all the way to final development of our products. Our main project is the Semi-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Intervention Missions (SAUVIM) which is maintained and tested at the University of Hawaii Marine Center located just minutes away from our main office. We have been doing mechanical/electronic development for SAUVIM since our inception and have since then transformed the simple frame and electronics bottles into a full working autonomous underwater vehicle. Feel free to browse through our website to see what we do and what we are about. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.