LT Automation is a leading engineering consultancy company that improves productivity in companies, hospitals and other public institutions. Based on our world-class competencies and 25 years experience in industrial automation and robot technology, we implement and improve tomorrow’s long-term automation solutions for our customers.\r\n\r\nWe work with early stage technologies which are just on the way to the market and new business areas within welfare technologies for health and social services.\r\n\r\nOur focus is on the innovation process from idea to implementation within welfare technology. The ideas create new jobs, better quality of life and efficiency in society\r\n\r\nWe work in food-, wind-, medical-, and metal industries.\r\n\r\nAt LT Automation, we already work with distribution of medicinal products, for instance:\r\n\r\n• Automated handling of blood tests\r\n• Automated handling of surgical instruments\r\n• Rehabilitation robotics\r\n• And welfare technologies that make it possible for citizens to have a more independent life \r\n\r\nIn close cooperation with our network, we offer complete turnkey solutions for complete industry lines, machines and factories that match customers’ needs – from idea and plan to operation together with management, operators and supplier base. We have a strong network counting the leading automation companies in Scandinavia and a result is effective commissioning of new technology from ‘Day 1’.\r\n\r\nMaybe you have a problem that needs to be solved? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are more than happy to help. At LT Automation, our goal is to ensure a higher quality of welfare for a lower cost. Get in touch with us today – we are here to help!\r\n\r\nOur success is measured and driven by your success.\r\n\r\nLearn more about LT Automation by visiting