LogObject specializes in the engineering of mission-critical IT business solutions. To offer the best engineering services, LogObject was set up to optimally address the key parameters of technological competence, employee motivation and dynamics of the implementation teams. Technological competence is assured by the professional training and experience of our employees: All the operative staff are software engineers with first or advanced degrees in computer science from two of Europe’s leading universities, ETH Zürich and Università degli Studi in Pisa. Their experience has focused entirely on systems engineering. A homogeneous cultural environment, friendship and common objectives are central factors for enhancing the team spirit. All the staff share a similar cultural background and interests. The engineers have also known each other for many years,most of them studied together. In fact, five of the engineers, who knew each other as students, founded LogObject in 1999 after several years of professional experience. They were convinced that an unusual level of motivation and dynamics could be achieved by a company built up around its technical staff.