Lincoln Agritech is a leading edge research and development company with a track record in applying new and innovative engineering and science technologies in the primary, industrial and environmental sectors. \r\n\r\nLincoln Agritech has expertise which together provides a unique set of R&D solutions: Precision Agriculture Technology; Sensing Technology Solutions; Groundwater Process Characterisation; Chemical Application Research and Training; and Software Consulting (including IRRICAD – a leading computer software system for designing pressurized irrigation systems).\r\n\r\nOur research can be found at work in a wide range of New Zealand organizations – from fundamental research assisting regional councils in the governance of groundwater quality, to targeted new product development such as new remote microwave sensors used on-farm to irrigate in just the right place. \r\n\r\nWe are focused on developing technology solutions that capture new data and generate modeling systems that can be used to create real value to make better decisions in managing limited resources, to minimize wastage during processing, to better grade products to maximize export value, and to drive new product innovation to keep our clients at the cutting edge of global markets.