Mamirobot Co.,Ltd is Korean company specialized in robot vacuum cleaner. American company “IRobot” and its robot vacuum cleaner “Roomba” emerged as leading product in the robot vacuum cleaner market until 2006. Therefore, Mamirobot established research institute in November, 2005 as KKyoung-min Mecatronics and putting effort in product development since. Today, Mamirobot’s intellectual properties are 23 domestic patents, 6 design registerations, 10 trademark registrations, 3 international patents, and more. Mamirobot Co.,Ltd established a foreign branches in Janpan, Euroupe, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and USA based on original technologies. The main product of Mamirobot is named PPORO K series which is optimized just for Korean floor and it has many leading features like wet mopping(patent 10-0747078), automated battery recharge system(patent 10-2008-0013968) with bi-direction radar, two way brush vacuum intake system, tactical quiet vacuum system,and sharing pair of hand held vacuum. Below pictures are the winning moments of Special Prize of Mamirobot Co.,Ltd CEO Seung Lak Chang.