KOSMEK is a well-established Japanese Company with subsidiaries and Sales offices worldwide. Kosmek is the word leader in high power pneumatic & low pressure hydraulic workholding solutions for clamping, positioning, supporting, transferring and also for Factory Automation like Robotic Hand Changer. What makes us unique is; with our hydraulic low-pressure products (up to 70bar) it is possible to get the same clamping forces like others with hydraulic high pressure (up to 350 bar) – at same sizes! With our patented Mechanical Lock Technology you can get even higher clamping and new added holding forces. With it you can replace hydraulic clamps by pneumatic clamps with similar forces (eg. “oil free” machines). Our more than 300 patents mean more effective manufacturing, shorter cycle times (e.g. 5 faces manufacturing in one operation), simple and cost effective fixtures, smaller machining centers, aso. In fact leading automotive- as well as machine manufacturers and robotic companies in different industries around the globe are using our products to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). Maybe our wide product range could also help you to optimize your product manufacturing. We would be happy to find out with you!