San Diego-based KnuEdge Inc. is a technology startup hub founded by former NASA Administrator Dan Goldin.After a distinguished career in the aerospace industry, Dan directly served three US Presidents as NASA Administrator, transforming the agency and delivering extraordinary scientific and technological results. Dan thinks BIG. His vision, leadership, and execution delivered such incredible accomplishments as the in orbit placement of the “contact lens” on the Hubble Space Telescope, the redesign, delivery and in orbit construction and operations of the International Space Station, conceptualization of the powerful Webb Space Telescope being readied for launch later this decade, and the initiation of the Origins Program and Astrobiology Institute to help humanity understand the origin, evolution and destiny of life in the universe.At KnuEdge, Dan has continued his strong technical leadership and visionary approach to technology development by driving transformational new architectures for speech recognition and machine intelligence. As Dan himself puts it, “This company was founded to be technologically transformational, and to give our customers the benefit of bold advances in performance and efficiency. Our mission is not to strive for incremental change – it is to push the boundaries and become the most innovative and trusted leader in machine intelligence technology.”