Klocke Nanotechnik produces and sells Nanorobotics on four levels: 1. More than 200 Nanorobotics components 2. Customer specific configurations of these components with Nanometer-precision, like microassembly stages, micro-tensile and micro-tribology machines, 3D-Profilometers or the “SEM/FIB-Workbench”: 3. The u201cSEM/FIB-Workbenchu201d bringing the handling and preparation capabilities you are used to at Light Microscopes into the vacuum, plus a set of Nanoanalytics. Main aspects are secure and easy usage plus automation. 4. Universal Testing Benches and Micro Production Systems with superior precision and flexible configuration. More than 16 years of product development, an international network of customers, agencies and partnerships in different markets and the membership in four Competence Centers in the areas of Microtechnology, Nanotechnology and New Materials enable to deliver innovative solutions even for complex problems.