KINGSTAR provides all the benefits of a software solution to motion control, in an automatically configured EtherCAT environment with “plug-and-play” compatibility. With the highest quality and performance of pre-integrated and pre-tested motion libraries, KINGSTAR delivers motion control and machine vision at half the cost and time of traditional hardware platforms. Deliver Software-Only Motion Control and Machine Vision Positioning Systems Quickly and Affordably KINGSTAR Soft Motion is an open and standards-based, software-only solution that streamlines motion control and automation. Soft Motion runs directly on the PC, uses the NIC card for I/O, and uses the powerful EtherCAT protocol to free you from the shackles of proprietary and costly hardware. With Soft Motion, motion control engineers can design, develop and integrate PC-based machine controllers in a “plug-and-play” environment for consolidated, inexpensive and scalable motion control and machine vision. Build motion control applications with KINGSTAR’s soft motion library and software PLC. Built on the foundation of EtherCAT and a real-time 64-bit Windows operating system, it provides a complete platform for control and automation engineering. * Reduce costs – Replace hardware with software to reduce machine control costs by 25-50%. * Speed time-to-market – Improve productivity with pre-integrated motion libraries and EtherCAT auto-configuration. * Enhance performance – Improve machine performance and control by using the PC NIC, Ethernet cables and EtherCAT infrastructure. * Scale dynamically – Auto-configure an EtherCAT network when swapping any servo drives and I/O devices. * Extend easily – Add any 3rd party protocols or open source libraries with no vendor lock-in. * Improve UX – Build a powerful UI with a world-class Windows Interface (HMI)