Tinkerbots is a modular building set designed, developed and made in Germany by the Kinematics GmbH.It lets children ages 6 and up take their first steps in the world of robotics, mechanics and sensor technology. Our robotic building kits combine screen time with physical play and bring the whole family together. Tinkerbots is a dream machine anyone can build.With every building kit you will get a different set of ingredients but each includes a Powerbrain, which is the heart and brain of every robot, motion modules, cubies and an adaptor brick so you can combine your robot with other building systems like LEGO®.Tinkerbots was first started in 2009 out of a project at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany: With the mission to develop a dream machine, inventor and co-founder Leonhard Oschütz came up with a building kit so that anybody could create their very own dream machine. From the first idea, we have developed Tinkerbots into a building kit which we produce and assemble in Germany.