Kin Yat Holdings Limited (“Kin Yat”) is a listed company in Hong Kong and is primarily engaged in manufacturing and distribution of high-end toys, particular on the radio controlled and electronic toys. Kin Yat manufactures its toys on Original Design Manufacturing and Original Equipment Manufacturing basis and also under its “Kin Yat” Trademark. In addition to toys, Kin Yat also manufactures a wide range of electrical household appliances. The manufacturing facilities of Kin Yat are situated in the PRC, mainly in BaoAn and Shaoguan, totally 6 different factories with area of over 60,000 square meters and has employed around 5000 employees, of which 200 are for administrative purpose, the balance are all dedicated to productions. In order to keep up with changing demand in the international toy market, Kin Yat devotes a great deal of resources in developing new and innovative product ideas. With extensive experience in bringing new designs and functions to fruition, Kin Yat’s team of over 60 research and development specialists can provide invaluable assistance in developing new products, as well as modifying or improving existing models. They are also able to offer expertise in engineering, modeling and tooling in order to make the final production of that concept as efficient and cost effective as possible. In addition to the research and development expertise, another strength of Kin Yat is to maintain all products produced in high quality standards. Recognizing the health and safety of our user – children, Kin Yat has a team over 100 full time quality assurance staff, who are thoroughly trained in quality control procedures. This team tests all materials, parts and components coming into the factory before production begins and also inspected the products carefully at every stage during assembly. Once a product has been assembled and finished, it will undergo another series of rigorous test to ensure they meet the company’s stringent quality standards. Kin Yat obtained the ISO 9002 certification in 1997 and acquired the ISO 9001 accreditation in 2000. With this commitment to quality, coupled with intensive investments in research and development and manufacturing facilities, Kin Yat is a partner that you can rely on.